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Lighthouse Pro Issue: Projectpage - username/password always displayed

Name: Projectpage - username/password always displayed
ID: 162
Project: Lighthouse Pro
Type: Bug
Area: Administration
Severity: Low
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Sebastiaan van Dijk
Created: 05/26/11 4:02 AM
Updated: 05/31/13 7:43 AM
Description: When you edit a project (index.cfm?event=page.project&id=someID) all the way at the bottom the credentials of the loggedin user is always shown in the fields to fill in when checking an email address for changes. This is quite annoying when you do not want to use this feature. Before you can Save the changes to the project the prefilled values in these two fields need to be removed.
Please do not prefill these two fields.
Tested in v2.8 in Chrome11/Opera11/FF4 on Ubuntu.
History: Created by sebgmc (Sebastiaan van Dijk) : 05/26/11 4:02 AM

Comment by cfjedimaster (Raymond Camden) : 05/26/11 6:12 AM
That's not LHP, it's your browser using autocomplete.

Comment by sebgmc (Sebastiaan van Dijk) : 05/31/13 7:43 AM
OK, then this bug may be closed.

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